We can help complete your system landscape by implementing solution related to Human capital. For this, we offer two complimenting products Payroll & HRMS (Human Resource Management System). Based on need one can decide to go only for Payroll or HRMS or more complete package of Payroll & HRMS.

Reliable, Easy and Accurate Payroll

Payroll product allows you to do all Payroll related activities right from Employee Master & Salary Stack definition to Distribution of Payslips and Statutory calculations. The product can be integrated with SAP Business One as well for seamless transfer of accounting effects.

Main Features

  1. Basic information
  2. Divisions
  3. Locations
  4. Statutory information
  1. Basic information about employee and his family

  2. Details about education, previous employers, history within the organization in terms of various departments that employee worked for & their time periods, designations, grade, divisions etc.

  3. Information about bank account number, PF number, ESI number etc.

  1. Receiving attendance data from the attendance system, in a pre-agreed excel format per employee code

  2. Leave data

  3. Utilizing this data to run monthly payroll

  1. Integration with Accounts in SAP B1

  1. Month

  2. Factory calendar

  3. Holiday calendar

  1. Basic information about employee and his family

  2. Salary groups as per organization structure

  3. Salary stack (salary heads of earning, deduction, manual salary heads if applicable)

  1. Manual salary heads (if applicable)

  2. Additional deductions (if applicable)

  3. Calculation of payroll for month (for review and validation)

  4. Final Payroll Run

  5. Full and Final settlement process

  6. F&F Final run

  7. Salary slips sent at attachment to email, at a single click

  1. Integration with Accounts in SAP B1

Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

This Employee Portal named as eMpact which stands for “Employee in Action”, not only allows the HR department to conduct their business transactions online, but it also empowers the employees to carry out Self Service by logging into this site. Our HRMS helps you increase efficiency in the HR processes and very importantly reduces response time for responding to employees for routine requests as well as specialised processes. So, bring on the agility across your employees and have a highly productive HR team by using our HRMS solution.
Available on cloud or on- premise

eMpact – Key Functionalities


  1. Job Post

  2. Candidate Mapping

  3. Status Tracking

  4. Release Offer Letter

  5. Release Appointment Letter

  6. Closure of open positions

Asset Allocation

  1. Assign company assets

  2. Track assets

  3. Change asset allocation

  4. Withdraw asset allocation

Employee Information Management

  1. Employee Master

  2. Employee Progress Mapping

Request Management

  1. Different Request Types

  2. Approval

  3. Status Tracking

Letters Management

  1. Self Service Letters

  2. HR Approved Letters

Leave Management

  1. Different Leave Types

  2. Leave Rules

  3. Leave Status

  4. Leave Application

  5. Leave Approval

  6. Leave Balance

  7. Leave Carry Forward

Training Management

  1. Training Need

  2. Training Scheduling

  3. Training Enrollment

  4. Enrollment Approval

  5. Attendance Tracking

  6. Training Feedback

Performance Appraisals Management

  1. KRA and KPI setting

  2. Goal Setting

  3. Goals approvals

  4. Self appraisal

  5. Appraisal Feedback

  6. DH Feedback

  7. HR Feedback

  8. Publishing Feedback

Employee Exit

  1. Initiate Exit process

  2. Exit clearance from various departments

  3. Final clearance

  • Policy Management
  • Approval Dashboard
  • Easy to Configure
  • Easy to Use

Advantages of HRMS

  • Modern & People Friendly HR Function

  • Reduces paperwork

  • Increases Speed of activities

  • Increased transparency in Employee Appraisals

  • Empowers Employees and brings visibility

  • Increases efficiency in handling employee requests

  • Allows to have a lean HR team handling large number of employees

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