Valued at $69.24 billion in 2021, SAP ERP has a 6% market share in the enterprise application segment. SAP’s market share in the ERP segment is 3.6%. As global spending increases on enterprise applications, SAP is expected to record continuous growth in the coming years.

With the emergence of the online SAP marketplace, new and existing SAP users now have access to a cloud-based marketplace to buy new SAP products. What is the SAP service marketplace? How do you start using it? This blog will answer these questions and more.

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What is SAP Service Marketplace?

Developed by SAP, the SAP service marketplace is a web-based online platform where SAP’s global partners can promote their products to their global audience. With over 200,000 registered users, this online marketplace is the best platform for SAP users to search and purchase SAP software products.

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The SAP service marketplace supports a wide range of business applications and analytics tools along with support for application downloads, license keys, and SAP notes.

Additionally, the service marketplace for SAP provides users with access to the SAP Partner Portal and the SAP Community Portal. Through the community portal, SAP users can get access to the SAP developer’s online community.

Who is eligible to get access to the online SAP marketplace? Let’s discuss that next.

How Do I Register for the SAP Service Marketplace?

To register for the SAP service marketplace, you need to be either a registered SAP customer or partner. You can also register with the SAP marketplace as a new customer or partner.

You need an “S User ID” to sign in to the SAP marketplace. You can also use the S User ID to log into other SAP websites like SCN.

Once you have registered on the SAP marketplace, you can log into the online portal. Depending on your assigned role—customer or partner—you can perform different actions on the online marketplace. If you have forgotten your User ID, you need to log in to your SCN account and view your user ID from the “Find User ID” page. Additionally, you can reset your password from the Password Reset page in case you have forgotten your password.

Next, let us discuss how you can use the SAP services marketplace.

1. Search for SAP Notes

From the SAP support portal, you can search for SAP notes and knowledge base articles. SAP notes are useful to know the type of information that you may require. Here are some examples:

  • Hot News: To view high-priority SAP notes for resolving or preventing major issues in SAP systems.
  • Security Notes: To review security patches and action items for the overall security of your SAP system.
  • Legal Change Notes: To view any changes, new announcements, or corrections in SAP legal requirements.
  • SAP Top Solutions: To view the most popular SAP notes and knowledge base articles for a primary application.

2. Access the SAP ONE Support Launchpad

The SAP ONE Support launchpad provides a user-friendly and intuitive GUI with user access to SAP support tools. Based on the personalized profile, the launchpad shows the necessary applications for the user. You can use the launchpad to perform the following actions:

  • Search for an incident expert.
  • Access the SAP training toolkit.
  • Report an incident or manage reported incidents.
  • View SAP solutions proposed by an expert.
  • Chat with SAP experts for real-time support.
  • Access the SAP Learning Hub.

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3. Manage SAP Users

You can additionally manage your company’s users using User IDs. You can assign user permissions and define the installation’s access numbers. Additionally, you can edit the user’s profile data and their authorizations if needed. Overall, you can also perform the following actions:

  • View the list of registered users.
  • Remove users.
  • View important contacts.
  • Download reports and updates.

4. Manage Remote Connections

With remote connections, SAP users can now connect to any remote SAP device through the Internet. For instance, SAP engineers can troubleshoot your SAP system remotely and quickly fix any problems. All that you need is an SAP data link to establish the remote connection. An SAP-enabled router also must be installed on both the client device and the SAP server.

5. Download SAP Applications

SAP customers can also use the SAP marketplace for downloads. The service marketplace is a repository of over 3,000 services and solutions available for download. Customers can download a variety of applications including SAP analytics solutions, application components, SAP Business One, cloud solutions, and business connectors. Additionally, they can download software updates, patches, help packs, and installation routes.

6. Request Access Keys

The SAP service marketplace is a repository of various access keys including product activation keys, migration keys, and developer keys. You can also request to change the product keys when working with SAP applications.

7. Report or View an Incident

You can use the SAP support portal to report a new incident or issue that needs support from SAP. Before reporting the incident, you first need to open the OSS connection to SAP so that SAP support can access the system where the problem has occurred.

8. View SAP Product Documentation

Registered suppliers can also use the SAP support portal to view or download SAP product documentation. From the Help Center, they can access a variety of helpful resources including video tutorials, product support documentation, FAQs, and other documentation covering topics like:

  • Finding business opportunities on the SAP Business Network
  • Order management and invoices
  • Participation in sourcing events
  • Digital catalogs for customers

Beyond the SAP Service Marketplace, you can access additional online resources. They are discussed in the next section.

Additional Resources

Here are the additional resources that registered SAP users can access:

  • SAP Service Marketplace on YouTube channel for useful video tutorials and more.
  • SAP Service Marketplace Wiki page for additional help and resources.
  • SAP-related FAQs & Technical requirements and Portal-related FAQs


As outlined in this blog, SAP registered users can use the SAP marketplace for a variety of actions. This cloud-powered marketplace is a repository of SAP applications, product documentation, SAP notes, and knowledge base articles. Effectively, it provides a central location for a variety of business applications and analytics tools that could be useful for your organization.

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