Automotive Component Manufacturers

We have helped auto component manufacturers in improving their delivery adherence, reducing costs on account of improved productivity, eliminating manual processes with respect to tracking of subcontracting transactions and increasing visibility into their operations spread across multiple locations

General Manufacturers

Companies need to have a strong control mechanisms to ensure that inventory levels are maintained at appropriate levels. Each material category needs to be handled differently and this is what we have helped our customers do. In addition to this, they have got benefited due to the increased accountability of material consumption at stores and shop floor level.

Project Based Manufacturers

Tracking profitability of each order in a near real time basis is key to the success of a project based manufacturing company. We have enabled our customers in doing so and they have seen benefits in terms of improved decision making (which effect the profitability), strong controls on inventory levels and increased sense of tracking costs (of all types) associated with an order.

Specialty Chemicals

We have helped customers keep a track of the production recipes in a batch mode, while providing them with required flexibility in utilizing input materials with variations in parameters. An improved capability on material planning helps customers control their inventory of input materials.

Food Processing Companies

The ability to track batches (of finished products as well as the key ingredients) is critical to food processing companies. Our customers are empowered with reports that give them this ability at finger tips. We have helped in improved planning process across material procurement, internal production and dispatch. Last but not the least batch wise cost tracking & MRP based controls has also helped our customers improve their operational efficiency.


For a company engaged in trading and distribution activity, tracking of movement of items is critical. Be it in the form of fast moving, slow moving, high margin, high volume, shelf life our customers are not able to get a clear picture of where they stand at any given point in time. For dealers registered with Central Excise, we have eliminated the long and laborious manual process of keeping track of excise duty benefits to be passed on the their customers./span>

Real Estate

In addition to tracking each and every customer walk-in (sales opportunity), it is important that a real estate development company has the ability to track and control construction cost. We enable our customers to not only do this, but we also empower them with several reports which show them their project, building, floor, flat, customer wise status (either in the form of completion or cost or sale).

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