What is Post-Go-Live Optimization in SAP Business One and Why is it Essential?

If you believe that going live with your SAP Business One or SAP B1 solution means the end of the ERP execution journey for your enterprise, then you couldn’t be more wrong. To maximize business benefits from your SAP B1 investment, continuous enhancement and improvement are necessary during the post-implementation phase.

Referred to as the SAP B1 post-go-live phase, this must be an integral part of any ERP project as the means to develop an efficient SAP production environment in any organization. What is SAP post-go-live optimization and why is it essential for business enterprise? Let’s discuss.

What is Post-Go-Live Optimization in SAP B1?

After going live with your SAP B1 solution, the post-go-live optimization phase is all about maintaining and improving the SAP Business one solution to achieve your defined business goals. Typically, the post-go-live support plan of SAP B1 includes the following:

  • Preparing and training end-users for the SAP B1 system
  • Achieving the SAP B1 deployment goals through a well-designed plan
  • Utilizing the available support resources for the optimization
Post Go Live Optimization in SAP

How to Get the Most Out of Post Go-Live Optimization?

To leverage maximum returns from the SAP B1 post-go-live optimization phase, here are three crucial areas to focus on:

1. SAP B1 Maintenance and Support

To ensure optimized efficiency, organizations need to pay attention to SAP maintenance and support functions. This ensures that your SAP B1 solution is working with the latest software version and optimized support. With the right SAP B1 partner, your “post go live” support or helpdesk can be efficient in answering all customer queries.

2. Third-Party Application Integration

With business growth, organizations must also focus on integrating their SAP B1 solution with existing third-party business applications. Depending on your industry domain, this could include integrating SAP B1 with:

  • Financial accounting applications to improve payment processing
  • Inventory management applications to optimize stock levels and reduce inventory costs
  • Business intelligence (BI) or data analytics to produce accurate insights for better business decision-making

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3. Workforce Training

To leverage the complete functionalities of the SAP B1 solution, organizations need to focus on employee training in the post-go-live phase. Job skills are essential for growing your business to new markets, which requires employees to be more effective in their assigned roles.

Next, let us discuss the benefits of post-go-live SAP optimization for your business.

How Does Post-Go-Live Optimization Benefit Business?

Thanks to post-go-live optimization, SAP Business One enables organizations to leverage better returns from investing in SAP solutions. For instance, SAP B1 can benefit your business by operating across various business functions including finance, accounting, customer relationships, and sales and marketing. Further, it can prepare your organization to derive value for next-generation technologies such as IoT and machine learning.

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With proactive optimization of SAP B1, organizations can increase their ROI by maintaining an updated system that is tuned to their specific business requirements. On the other hand, old or outdated ERP systems could increase business bottlenecks in the form of data breaches, inefficient processes, and increased downtime.

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To maximize their ROI, organizations investing in the SAP Business One solution must not stop at “going live” but follow it up with an efficient post-implementation phase.

The right SAP B1 partner can guide your organization in the post-go-live optimization phase. As an experienced SAP partner, Praxis Info Solutions can ensure that your SAP investments deliver optimum business value and help in achieving your organizational goals. Our customers have successfully implemented a range of SAP solutions for different requirements.

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