Managing Production Processes becomes easier with SAP Business One Version 9.3

By Dattatreya R.Kulkarni Posted December 05, 2017 | Benefits of SAP Business One, Production
SAP Business One’s capabilities on Production Management have moved a notch up.
Till version 9.2 the key capabilities of SAP Business One were as listed below:
  • Create Bill of Material
    • This BOM gets copied to the production order automatically
  • Create Production Order
    • Manually
    • Or via MRP
    • Edit the BOM copied into the production order, if and as needed
  • Issue Material to Production Order
    • Either manually
      • Maintain batch traceability
    • Or using the backflush method
  • Confirm Production Order
    • Thus creating stock of the parent item
    • Analyse the cost of the produced item/batch
    • Analyse variances in both input and output from the production process
New and powerful production module in SAP Business One 9.3
New and powerful production module in SAP Business One 9.3
Whereas these functionalities by themselves made SAP Business One a powerful tool to manage production processes the additional capabilities in version 9.3 make SAP Business One even more capable in addressing the complex process of production.
New and powerful production module in SAP Business One 9.3
SAP Business One V9.3 offers its users all capabilities already existing plus a few more critical ones as listed below:
  • Production routing
    • Create routings in BOM
    • Assign production sequence to the routing stage
    • Assign start and end date for each stage
      • Impact on MRP
      • Better visibility for planning of components and task scheduling
    • Issue material for a particular state of the routing mentioned in production order
    • Create pick list
  • Assigning priority level to the production order
  • Integrating production order into the newly named pick, pack and production manager
    • Manage the picking process for a production order
    • Generate pick list directly from the production order
    • View pick list directly from the production order and create any subsequent documents
    • Prioritize as needed based on the priority flag in production order
As evident, these new features will enable greater control on production related item and resource component management and task scheduling. So, if are an SME engaged in manufacturing activity, you have a stronger reason to consider adopting SAP Business One for your company. Please get in touch with us if you want to know more. Do write to us at