Why is Praxis’s GOLD Partnership Status Important to its Customers?

By Dattatreya R.Kulkarni Posted December 11th, 2018 | Benefits of SAP Business One, Management, SAP Technology.
In an earlier blog (https://bit.ly/2mCjxIq) we discussed the importance of choosing the right partner for your SAP Business One project.
Today, we come to you with a sense of pride to share that Praxis has been awarded the highest accreditation in the SAP partnership program viz. the GOLD Partner Status. Whereas this is a great motivator to us to continue to do excellent work, it is also important for customers to understand why our GOLD status is important for them as well. Here are a few pointers:
What does the GOLD status mean?
How is it beneficial to customers?
This indicates that Praxis is highly focused on the
SAP technology and solutions in general and
towards SAP Business One solution in particular
Customers can be rest assured about the quality
of solutions and support that Praxis will offer to
them being aligned with SAP’s roadmaps.
This also means that Praxis stands committed
towards very long-term support to each and
every customer.
This indicates that Praxis has performed at a
level that SAP expects in terms of
implementation, development of industry
specific solutions, reach in the market and
overall commitment to high customer
satisfaction levels
This indicates that Praxis has now much stronger
and deeper connection with SAP which in turn
means that we will get highest levels of
attention from SAP. This could be in terms of
early access to new solutions/technologies,
faster cycle time to offer these solutions to
customers and also better support to any
This bodes well for Praxis customers as strong
relationship with SAP will ultimately help us in
delivering more value to our customers.
Needless to say, Praxis happily take up the additional responsibility towards its customers and the SAP Business One community, now that we are a GOLD partner.