Choosing the Right Partner for SAP Business One

Let’s start with an assumption that you have decided to adopt SAP Business One for your company based on your own independent research and references. What comes next? Choosing the right SAP partner who can take you through the SAP journey successfully!

Whereas SAP Business One is the world’s leading enterprise application for SMEs which has global best practices incorporated, its successful implementation is really a function of two major variables. The first one being the commitment of top management of the company to back this project not only with financial resources but by letting their best team drive the project and making quick decisions as and when needed. The second variable in this equation is the SAP partner that you choose.

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Why is Partner important?

The partner has to be not just someone who knows the product and its feature functionalities but someone who can bring to the table a set of competencies that go way beyond it. Every customer should look for at certain qualities in their proposed partner. A good partner will:

1. Possess Business Process Knowledge

  • Intricacies of various operations and process
  • Envisioning a unified, transparent and efficient method of running the business

2. Be proficient in Project Management Capabilities

  • Keeping a tab on various milestones for delivery
  • Working closely with customers on issue resolutions, decision making

3. Be equipped to help you in Change Management

  • Guiding you in managing the change (due to new system) amongst users
  • Helping you build the right operational culture in the company

4. Demonstrate Flexibility in Approach

  • Appreciating your constraints and find ways around it
  • Going the extra mile whenever needed

5. Display Highest Level of Commitment

  • Involvement of top management in progress reviews

6. Have Proven Track Record

  • Having handled engagements successfully in the past
  • Ability to give references

Have the insight to advise you on strategic matters related to Enterprise IT

  • Advise you, not only on SAP but on other relevant technological aspects
  • Being there for you through execution of new plans

Customers sometimes do not spend enough time in assessing the true worth of the partner’s capabilities, track record and get tempted to choose the easiest way out which is an apple to orange comparison based on the financial value of the proposals submitted by different partners. A true partner is genuinely invested in customer’s success and in doing so will not leave any stone unturned to ensure that the right solution is delivered in time and within budget as per agreed scope. Hence, it is certainly worth the time and effort of any customer to look for the right partner before initiating the engagement. One could, in fact, say that choosing the right partner is 50% job done towards achieving successful SAP implementation!

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