An ERP solution is emerging as the core solution to drive growth in any distribution-based business. Legacy enterprise solutions now fall short when it comes to meeting growing business demands and customer expectations. Cost-effective ERP solutions with their modular functionalities are enabling business success among small-time distributors.

As the leading ERP tools, SAP Business One and Oracle NetSuite are currently among the best ERP solutions for small and medium-sized distributors. Which of these two tools – SAP Business One vs Oracle NetSuite – is better suited for distributors? Let’s take a look.

SAP Business One vs Oracle

SAP B1 vs Oracle NetSuite for Distributors – Which is Better?

Here’s how SAP Business One compares with Oracle NetSuite in each of the following capabilities:

1. Business Operations

Distributors need to manage complex business operations comprising numerous business processes. To streamline these operations, distributors need to integrate various business processes – including sales, supply chain, and inventory.

With an integrated ERP solution, distributors can streamline their business operations and processes. In this regard, SAP Business One offers a host of operational modules, including procurement, inventory management, project management, and customer relationship management (CRM). These can help distributors manage various aspects of their daily operations.

On the other hand, Oracle NetSuite provides integration for eCommerce, CRM, and business financials. This siloed approach complicates distributors’ business operations management.

2. Industry-specific Solutions

ERP providers must offer industry-specific solutions for different sectors to meet industry requirements. With industry-specific ERP solutions, companies can deploy and implement them faster for business productivity.

SAP offers industry-specific ERP solutions for manufacturing, distribution, retail, and more. Additionally, SAP B1 can be easily customised to suit your industry and business requirements.

On the other hand, Oracle NetSuite does not offer a wide range of industry-specific solutions. It provides a unified set of business applications, which are designed to cater to a wider range of industries.

3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

With effective customer relationship management in ERP solutions, distributors can streamline customer relations and provide exceptional service to meet their requirements.

SAP Business One provides a host of integrated CRM services, including:

  • Sales and opportunity management
  • Marketing campaign management
  • Customer management
  • Service management
  • Reporting and analytics

Comparatively, Oracle NetSuite offers distributors 360-degree visibility into customers, thus improving sales and customer satisfaction. With self-service portals, distributors can improve the quality of their customer service.

Compared to Oracle, SAP B1’s CRM functionality helps with better customer relationship management. Its features include customer information, sales and opportunity management, and service call tracking.

4. ERP Licensing

For small-time distributors, it’s crucial to understand their ERP’s licensing model from a cost perspective. Depending on the size of their business, distributors need flexible licensing to maximise their ERP value without spending a lot of money.

With its user-centric licensing model, SAP delivers a cost-effective ERP solution – along with dedicated customer support from its business partners. Through authorised resellers, SAP offers customised licensing options to its customers based on the size and scale of their distribution business. Additionally, SAP B1 is available through on-premises and cloud-based pricing models, thus making it more flexible for distributors.

The Oracle NetSuite ERP tool also offers licensing plans through its network of business partners and resellers. However, compared to SAP, Oracle’s licensing model is more complex and inflexible. This can lead to both high licensing costs and complications in acquiring licenses.

5. Customisation and Integration Capabilities

Distributors need strong ERP functionalities to drive their business growth and transformation. They also need easy customisation and integration capabilities.

With SAP Business One, distributors have access to a host of customised add-ons that can enhance ERP functionalities. SDK-based customisation provides the necessary flexibility to extend their ERP capabilities and allows for easy integration with third-party solutions.

On the other hand, Oracle NetSuite is less customisable due to its modular functionality, which users can use to add more ERP functionalities. Oracle has a network of NetSuite partners for integration capabilities that can be customised using scripts and custom extensions.

6. Advanced Analytics

SAP Business One and Oracle NetSuite offer real-time analytics, automatic calculations, and tracking. Additionally, SAP B1 enables business intelligence (BI) through its dashboards and reporting functionality for analysing operational data.

SAP B1 features advanced analytics and performs better than Oracle, with its host of analytics tools, data modeling, and database management. In recent times, SAP B1 has improved its dashboard feature with its customisable Fiori interface.

Oracle NetSuite features the Financial Report Builder tool for generating financial reports. This tool allows users to group different financial data or include additional data in the same report.

SAP vs Oracle for Distributors – Which is Better?

When it comes to choosing between SAP Business One or Oracle NetSuite ERP, your choice depends on your specific business requirements and available budget. With its flexible on-premise and cloud-based pricing models and easier customisation and integration capabilities, SAP Business One scores higher.

As an industry-recognised ERP tool, SAP Business One is among the best ERP solutions for small and medium-sized distributors. You can also utilise the services of a SAP implementation partner like Praxis Info Solutions. We offer a host of customised expertise in:

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