E-Invoicing using SAP Business One

E-Invoicing using SAP Business One

The transportation of goods from one place to another is facilitated by the filing of ‘E-Way Bills’ on the common GST portal. Similarly, the GST Council has decided to implement a system of e-invoicing.
E-invoicing does not mean that the company must create their invoice using the government’s software system. Instead, it means that the company must submit information about their already generated invoice (from their ERP system) to the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) and receive the unique IRN (Invoice Reference Number) and a QR code from the portal, which needs to be printed/displayed on their invoice. The broad process flow of the E-invoicing system is displayed below.
E-invoice must primarily adhere to the GST invoicing rules. Apart from this, it should also accommodate the invoicing system or policies followed by each industry or sector in India. Certain information is made mandatory whereas the rest of them is optional for businesses. Also, each e-invoice has to be registered individually and can not be processed enmass.
Adhering to this system is made easy by SAP Business One. It offers two options to customers with respect to the actual solution deployment and usage.


  1. File download
  2. Integration with GSP
File Download

File Download

In this option, SAP Business One will allow your user to download all relevant information in the format and type of file required by the government portals in ONE CLICK. In the case of E-invoicing, SAP Business One can generate the JSON file that can be uploaded to the IRP (Invoice Registration Portal).
Integration with GSP

Integration with GSP (GST Suvidha Providers)

In this option, your SAP Business One system will be integrated with the GSP’s software using the APIs for E-Invoicing. This automates the process and your user can directly print the sales invoice from within SAP itself, which would have the IRN and the QR code issued by the IRP. Customers can choose to work with any GSP. Praxis has developed an automated solution that can be used with any GSP.

Other GST Solutions

Praxis has solutions available for taking care of your GST reports, returns & E way Bill also, in addition to E-invoicing.
If you would like to know more about these solutions and find out how Praxis can help you in implementing Enterprise application like SAP Business One, Zoho CRM, HRMS, and Payroll, etc. please reach out to us at marketing@praxisinfosolutions.com

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