Client Profile

The company is a leading distributor of industrial products and represents multiple international OEM Principals to grow its footprint in one of the industrial hubs in Western Maharashtra. Each vertical is managed by Business Unit Heads and although the underlying business is that of trading, each BU has its peculiar requirements in terms of marketing, sales, and recovery activities.

Business Challenges

The customer uses SAP Business One as the core ERP and Zoho CRM for their sales and marketing team – both the applications being supported by Praxis. The MIS needs of the organization were being handled by legacy software, which had limitations. However, with the ever-dynamic business environment and increased competition, the management team was evaluating a more robust Business Intelligence (BI) tool.


Based on the detailed deliberations, Praxis recommended Zoho Analytics which is a self-service BI and data analytics software that lets you analyze your data, create stunning data visualizations, and discover hidden insights in minutes. Key strengths of Zoho Analytics:

  • Being a cloud-based (SaaS) solution, the customer does not have to invest in hardware
  • The visualization and other state-of-the-art features like Zia differentiate it from others
  • With 500+ out-of-box integrations and ready-to-use dashboards for Zoho CRM and various marketing tools like Google Ads, Facebook, the implementation is much faster.

Solution Delivery

The complete project lifecycle from Requirements Analysis to Development, Deployment, and User training was done in 8 weeks.A Build-Show-Deploy approach was used to increase user inputs, interaction, and involvement instead of the big bang approach.


  1. With the implementation of Zoho Analytics, the top management started getting Bird’s eye view of the complete operations across all the Business Units.
  2. All Business Units across the company started having a similar set of measures and that brought consistency in the review and monitoring activities of the organization.
  3. The flexibility offered by the solution makes it easier for the customer to slice and dice data in multiple dimensions


  1. SAP Business One on HANA

  2. Several complex interfaces with the online platform


  1. Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Accounts

Benefits to Client

  1. Streamlining of fulfilment process

  2. Visibility into inventory at multiple locations

  3. Seamless & automatic integration with online platform, thus eliminating manual intervention

  4. Increased productivity

Went Live in: Feb, 2018

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