Irrespective of the size of their business, CFOs are often involved in multiple functions in their organizations. One of their significant KPIs includes their ability to control business costs and financial operations. The sad reality is that 56% of CFOs struggle to cut their business costs.

Around 38% of CFOs focus on cost control to grow their company’s revenues. This is why more CFOs depend on ERP solutions to improve cost control and financial management.

In this blog, let’s discuss how CFOs can perform financial planning with ERP systems.

CFO Cost Control with ERP

Financial Optimization for CFOs

In mid-sized growing companies, financial optimization for CFOs is necessary but challenging. With improved financial management, CFOs can leverage multiple benefits like financial transparency, accountability, and decision-making.

With the right ERP solution, CFOs can leverage financial data to make the right decisions and streamline their financial operations. ERP solutions also provide insights into how CFOs can fund their business investments, improve cash flow, and improve profitability.

Here are some financial areas where ERP systems can benefit CFOs:

1. Asset Management

Companies can have various assets depending on the industry domain. These include office premises, machines & equipment, and technology systems. With the right ERP tool, companies can gain visibility and insights into their asset management.

For instance, CFOs can customize their asset tracking and reporting. This helps improve accountability and reduce business risks. With asset management, CFOs can avoid spending money on capital assets or resources that they already own.

2. Budget Management

For CFOs, budget management is a critical function in any organization. On average, 75% of companies take 4-12 weeks to create their budget. Through efficient budget management in ERP solutions, CFOs can demonstrate the overall financial health of their company.

For example, ERP components can be used to evaluate marketing and advertising activities. Through financial management, CFOs can structure an efficient business model to generate more revenues and cash flow.

3. Expense Tracking

Over 70% of CFOs say that travel and expense management consumes much of their time and attention. Financial activities like accounting and reporting are error-prone and time-consuming when tracking business expenses.

Using ERP solutions, CFOs can automate expense tracking, thus reducing both time and effort. By integrating ERP with expense management functions, CFOs can quickly track their business expenses and reconcile financial transactions.

4. Revenue Management

In the face of economic uncertainties and pressure, CFOs need efficient financial management to reduce costs and identify revenue opportunities. By integrating all the financial processes, an ERP solution can provide the “digital backbone” CFOs can use to make data-driven decisions from valuable insights.

One of the many benefits of revenue management for CFOs with ERP is that businesses can increase their revenue sources by supporting business growth in new markets. For instance, with revenue management in supply chains, CFOs can link processes across the entire value chain, including procurement, sales, and customer service.

5. Financial Analysis

According to the latest statistics, 40% of CFOs do not trust their organization’s financial data. Nearly 50% of CFOs are unable to respond quickly to market fluctuations.

By enabling financial analysis for CFOs, ERP solutions provide them real-time visibility into the company’s finances. For instance, they can:

  • Manage their company’s income and expenditure efficiently
  • Monitor their customer orders
  • Control the inventory stock

With an ERP system, CFOs have a unified platform with access to relevant financial data, which helps them make the right business decisions.

Why SAP B1 is the Best Financial Management Tool for CFOs

Designed for the financial growth of small companies, the SAP Business One (SAP B1) ERP solution offers much more than a simple finance and accounting function. Here are some reasons why SAP B1 is the best ERP tool for financial management:

1. Single Source of Truth

With its unified platform, SAP B1 can capture real-time financial data to be analyzed for CFOs. For instance, every SAP B1 transaction can automatically activate a real-time journal entry. Additionally, SAP B1 can comply with financial regulations and standards across the globe.

2. Optimized Cash Flow Management

CFOs in small companies are always concerned about their cash flow as it can directly impact their liquidity. With SAP B1, companies can configure real-time alerts that notify them of a pending payment or unpaid invoice. Additionally, they can accurately forecast their cash flow and requirements with valuable insights into financial data.

3. Streamlined Month-end Closure

For CFOs, the month-end closure process is a critical activity. Using month-end financial statements, CFOs can plan their financial activities for the next month or quarter. With SAP Business One, financial teams can automate the month-end closing process, thus reducing the margin of error.

4. Financial Planning and Audits

As mentioned, 40% of CFOs do not trust their financial data. Inaccurate data can seriously impact financial planning and year-end audits in any organization. With SAP B1, CFOs can transform financial planning and auditing by using budget allocation rules and tracking transactions.

5. Fixed Asset Management

In manufacturing, CFOs can leverage SAP B1 to maintain control over the company’s fixed assets. They can track their assets across the entire lifecycle and their deprecated value using fixed asset data. Additionally, SAP B1 allows them to buy (or sell) fixed assets by generating an accounts receivable (or payable) invoice or a credit memo.


With ERP solutions, CFOs have more cost control and can implement financial management. An ERP solution like SAP Business One provides CFOs with all the financial data necessary under one platform.

Praxis Info Solutions, a leading SAP Business One partner in Mumbai , is an industry-experienced ERP solution provider working closely with CFOs across industry domains.

Besides financial management, SAP B1’s manufacturing module in ERP is designed for business leaders to streamline their manufacturing processes. As a leading ERP for manufacturing, here’s how SAP Business One can bring about digital transformation in general manufacturing. If you want to know more, contact us today.

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