How to Boost Your Company’s Sales with Zoho CRM Integration

For any customer-facing business enterprise, it is imperative to build and maintain customer relationships. The growing market competition means that every company must have a successful CRM strategy in place. Zoho CRM has enabled companies to improve their customer relationships by providing an exceptional customer experience (CX) along with customer satisfaction.

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In the post-pandemic world, customer behavior has changed drastically, making it harder for sales organizations to generate high-quality sales leads through “traditional” sales calls and direct advertising. If you are wondering can organizations achieve effective sales management with Zoho CRM? And, how does Zoho CRM increase customer retention? Then you are at the right place.

Boost sales with Zoho CRM Integration

Today, we will discuss how Zoho CRM can take your business’s sales to the next level.

How to achieve effective sales management with Zoho CRM?

Over 70% of sales executives now use a sales tool at least once every week. The Zoho Sales CRM tool enables them to maintain a single communication channel with their customers. Here is how an organization can boost sales with Zoho CRM:

1. Nurtures your Sales Leads

Going forward, organizations can be successful only if there can nurture and build their sales leads or sales pipeline. A CRM tool such as the Zoho Sale CRM tool is the best way of nurturing your sales leads.

On its part, Zoho CRM can help sales executives identify high-quality leads that they should pursue. A CRM system analyzes the sales lead data and communication patterns, and points out the leads that salespeople must target.

Zoho CRM can provide real-time notifications about customer activity. With the SalesSignals feature, this CRM tool provides real-time customer notifications to the designated sales professional. Besides that, executives can now approach dissatisfied customers and quickly resolve their problems.

2. Build Customer Satisfaction

A 2020 LinkedIn Sales survey states that for 43% of the respondents, customer satisfaction is the top metric for measuring sales performance. Customers only buy from trusted brands. The Sales module in Zoho CRM enables organizations to build an efficient sales process to improve customer satisfaction and further customer retention.

The Zoho CRM system provides a detailed view of every customer interaction with your business. For instance, you can follow up with a customer regarding pending payment, based on their previous interactions. Be it B2B or B2C, sales organizations can map out the entire sales pipeline or workflow to know what sales representatives are doing and how they can proceed to the next stage.

3. Standardize the Sales Process

While they worked in the past, traditional selling methods are no longer effective in the modern digital age of sales and marketing. As more companies are looking to achieve business process automation (or BPA), traditional methods can disrupt the entire sale process and cause miscommunications.

With its innovative Blueprint functionality, the Zoho Sales software tool can even track offline sales activities and integrate them into the CRM system. Using a drag-and-drop editor, organizations can now record and track even simple tasks such as assigning a sales lead to a sales executive.

4. Supports Online Sales

During the pandemic, online sales increased across business domains. Local artisans and large retail brands went online to continue to serve their customers. Online sales are not just about “selling” products through eCommerce. It includes a wide range of online marketing activities such as live product demos, remote training, online customer interactions, and more. For instance, many liquor brands organized “virtual” wine-tasting sessions during the pandemic lockdown to engage with their customer base.

The Zoho CRM tool provides an all-in-one platform to set up and run an eCommerce store. Easy to use, Zoho Commerce provides a complete online selling platform with its customizable templates and responsive design.

5. Improve Sales Forecasts

Sales forecasts are an integral part of every sales process and can measure the short-term and long-term sales performance of the organization. Successful companies are determined when they can meet their sales forecasts consecutively. Zoho CRM provides real-time data insights into sales forecasts and helps in improving the sales process.

Along with a complete overview of the sales pipeline, Zoho for sales also measures the individual performances of the company’s sales teams. With Zoho CRM, organizations can also leverage real-time data to identify process bottlenecks and automatically update potential sales deals.

How does Zoho CRM benefit sales organizations? Let’s discuss next.

What are the Benefits of Zoho CRM for Sales Management?

Listed below are some of the benefits of Zoho CRM for sales:

  • Enables you to interact with your customers using many digital channels including voice calls, emails, live chats, and social media platforms, thus improving customer services.
  • Automate all the mission-critical sales tasks and save both the time and effort of your sales teams and improve their productivity.
  • Analyze your customers’ likes and preferences using advanced customer analytics and helps in developing business strategies for a personalized CX.
  • Automate routine tasks like customer chats using the AI-powered Zoho Zia virtual assistant that helps in gathering useful customer information.

Additionally, through integration with various plug-ins and third-party tools, Zoho CRM can extend the capabilities of your company’s sales management.

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As a business, you can achieve effective sales management with the Zoho CRM tool. Irrespective of your industry domain, the Zoho CRM software tool help in identifying crucial customer touchpoints in the entire sales process and in improving overall sales efficiency. In the post-pandemic phase, Zoho CRM is an affordable CRM solution that does not compromise on quality.

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