SAP Business One on HANA | SAP B1 Hana

SAP Business One is an ideal ERP solution for companies in the SME sector. It offers integrated ERP functionalities that are easy to use and adopt. SAP Business One allows SME to run on a platform that can make them a Best Run Company. Customers have realised this and are making every effort to on board on the SAP Business One solution.
SAP, being committed to bring the best technology to its customers, has released the industry leading in-memory computing based solution called SAP HANA. Today customers have a choice of implementing SAP B1 on HANA or SAP B1 on SQL, depending on the business needs. Companies that handle large number of SKUs, have 30 or more users and need powerful analytics on a day to day basis are good candidates for SAP Business One on HANA. While much is known about the SQL version of SAP Business One, let us get to know the basics of the HANA version.

What is SAP B1 HANA?

To begin with, SAP HANA is a modern in-memory platform & not just a database that is deployable as an on-premise appliance or in the cloud. As an appliance, SAP HANA combines software components from SAP optimized on proven hardware provided by SAP’s hardware partners. In the cloud, SAP HANA is offered as a comprehensive infrastructure combined with managed services. SAP HANA can be deployed through the following cloud offerings: SAP HANA One, SAP HANA Cloud Platform and SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud. The platform also provides libraries for predictive, planning, text processing, spatial, and business analytics.
SAP HANA uses in-memory computing, which is a technology that allows the data to be stored near the CPU and processing of massive quantities of real time data in the main memory (RAM) of the server to provide immediate results from analyses and transactions.
SAP B1 Hana
This technology allows small companies to experience the performance of big business. SAP Business One on HANA can help customers increase margins and grow. They can instantly analyse the growing volumes of data and gain benefits of fast application performance without complicating the IT landscape.

A company with following objectives

  • Leverage the power of SAP HANA to improve the performance and agility while lowering IT costs
  • Analyse goring volume of data instantly to streamline the business process and improve decision making
  • Run the business on a single affordable enterprise solution that will scale as business grows

Adopting SAP B1 on HANA Enables

  • Real time analytics that can crunch through all business data in seconds
  • New functionality enabling high performance dashboards and reporting as well as real time inventory, order management and cash flow visibility
  • Single software platform that simplifies IT administration

Which will give them the following benefits

  • Dramatically improved responsiveness of planning, sales, purchase, production and finance processes
  • Faster business insights for improved decision making
  • Unmatched performance gains as more users access the application concurrently
  • SAP B1 HANA reduces IT ownership costs as well

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