SAP Business One Enables End-to-End Tracking of Manufacturing Batches

SAP Business One Enables End-to-End Tracking of Manufacturing Batches

In today’s times, it has become mandatory for food processing companies to track the sources of their ingredients and other foods. Safety regulations regarding food along with the probability of food contamination are driving the adoption of batch traceability in the food industry. Through this method, food manufacturers can trace back the path of their raw materials and ingredients to the source – and do a timely product recall when required.
Let’s understand how an ERP solution like SAP Business One helps in batch traceability.

How SAP Business One Enables Batch Traceability

  • Complete visibility in your production process
    With SAP Business One, you can achieve complete visibility and control over the production process of your food business. Through batch codes, you can now track all products right from procurement and during production. Further, SAP Business One collects and stores all batch information including supplier’s contact details, raw materials supplied by them, supplied batch details (item name, quantity, delivery date, and product expiry date), and customer details to whom a batch was supplied. With complete batch details, you will have all the necessary information to implement a product recall, if required.
  • Efficient inventory management
    For food businesses to manage short-life or perishable goods, an efficient inventory management system is essential. Through batch traceability, SAP Business One tracks all your inventory items in real-time, no matter where they are currently in the distribution process. With correct use-by-date system of perishable goods, you can improve the shelf life of products and meet customer requirements.
    Additionally, inventory management with batch traceability includes benefits like reduced food wastage (or spoilage), managing costs of transporting foods, and identifying causes of product recalls in your production line.
  • Maintaining customer relationships
    Be it B2B or B2C food companies, batch traceability allows you to inform customers immediately of any delays and production-related problems. This is a crucial element as food companies still need to maintain customer relationships and loyalty.
    Through batch traceability, SAP Business One can easily identify product batches and the customers impacted by them. Additionally, you can consult your impacted customers and determine recalls based on the exact batch or production date (or manufacturing date) of faulty goods supplied to them. This helps enhance the overall customer experience.
  • End-to-end product tracking
    For effective batch traceability, every product batch (or a lot) needs to be tracked at every stage of the production process. Batch codes are assigned for each product transaction including:
  • Its procurement and receipt date.
  • The production batch that it was used in.
  • The warehouse where it was stored and dispatched.
  • Its sale date and to whom it was sold.
  • And more.

With SAP Business One, your food processing company can record each of these transactions during the production and distribution process. Thanks to end-to-end product tracking, product recalls are accurate and faster as it is much easier to locate product batches using individual batch codes.


Batch traceability can help food-processing companies comply with safety standards and maintain a competitive edge in the global market. With its advanced capabilities, SAP Business One takes care of product quality, safety standards, visibility, and customer trust – allowing you to focus on taking your food business to the next level.
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