Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is business process management software that manages a company’s financials, supply chain, operations, commerce, reporting, manufacturing and human resource activities. With growing competition in the business world, more and more organizations are turning to technology for better results. Initially, ERP was limited to only large organizations. Now, even small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are utilizing ERP to reduce costs and increase productivity.

The main benefits of ERP solutions for SMEs are:

1. Improved Decision-Making

With the ERP system’s ability to provide real-time data and access to information, small business owners can make vital decisions efficiently.

2. Reduced Costs and Errors

Improved accuracy and automation powered by ERP software can bring unprofitable areas to attention resulting in reduced control and inventory management costs. ERP solutions provide automated data capturing and organizing, thus narrowing the scope of human error.

Team of Employees for SAP Business One

3. Increased Productivity

ERP solution enables data and information from all business departments on a single platform, therefore, simplifying the process and creating room for improvement.

4. Improve Data Access

An ERP system uses advanced user management and access control to access data appropriately.

Which is the Best ERP Tool for Small Businesses?

SAP Business One is one of the best ERP tools among the leading ERP solutions for SMEs. SAP has its in-memory database known as HANA. Both SAP B1 and SAP S/4 HANA use the HANA database.

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Some of the main reasons to support SAP Business One:

1. Affordable

SAP Business One is a single, affordable solution to efficiently run the entire business—starting from services, manufacturing, sales, finance, purchasing, inventory, and operations to customer relationships.

2. Global Competitor

More than 150 countries use SAP Business One software which is available in 27 languages, has 700 local partners, and 43 localized versions.

3. User-Friendly

SAP Business One application offers a suite of user-friendly tools to customize queries, forms, and reports to meet specific business requirements.

4. Industry-Specific Solutions

SAP Business One has industry-specific features for consumer products, manufacturing, professional services, retail, wholesale distribution, or any other industry.

5. Innovative

SAP Business One creates a digital core for SMEs to operate more intelligently in a constantly changing digital economy and can make your business ready for digital transformation.

6. An Established Key Player with a Strong Ecosystem

SAP solutions’ ecosystem includes the SAP Company, implementation partners, and solution developers.

What are the Different Teams Involved in SAP Implementation?

The different teams involved in SAP implementation include:

  1. The Project Manager
  2. Department Heads
  3. Key Users

However, none of the members have to spend their entire working time of the day on the project work. Depending on the phase of the project, certain roles will have more to contribute or learn than others.

How would You Implement SAP Business One Project Successfully?

1. Choosing the right partner who has:

● Good business knowledge

● Expertise in SAP Business One

● Approach towards implementation of the project

● Customer references

2. Prioritizing business needs

3. Keeping the solution simple

4. Communication with business partners

5. Master data collection and accuracy

6. User training

7. Teamwork

How do You Manage SAP Implementation Projects?

Praxis understands the importance of completing SAP projects on time and within budget.
Praxis works with individual SMEs and ensures timely completion by:

1. Defining what the client needs

2. Setting project objectives and goals

3. Getting the right SAP resources/team in place

4. Coordinating with a network of IT providers

5. Setting a relevant success criterion

6. Creating efficient teamwork by working closely with customer executives

What Makes Praxis, the Provider of ERP Solutions, the Best for Small Businesses?

Here are some of our customer stories:

1. Shirodkar Precicomp Pvt. Ltd.

Praxis was competent to deliver in the least amount of time. They provide fast and good quality solutions and services.

2. Mileen Engineers

Praxis delivered the right solutions, addressed most of our business challenges, retained our team appropriately, and developed reports which enabled us to extract the maximum benefit from SAP Business One.

3. Adinath Agro Processed Foods Pvt. Ltd. Food

Praxis helped us implement SAP Business One on time and within budget.

4. Kamani Foods Pvt. Ltd.

With the help of the team of Praxis, we were able to go live with SAP Business One in just 60 days.


With growing competition and technological advancement, it is becoming more significant for small businesses to upgrade to SAP Business One, which assists in management solutions that can keep you at the top of your game. SAP B1 can also be deployed in the cloud or on-premises.

Praxis Info Solutions helps implement the solution successfully within budgeted costs and timelines and adds value throughout the engagement. To know how Praxis can help you in streamlining your business operations, write to us at marketing@praxisinfosolutions.com.

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