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SAP Business One: Quality Management in Manufacturing

Quality Management is an integral part of any manufacturing operations set-up. Usually, quality control related inspections are carried out during incoming receipts, in-process activities, in house production and pre-dispatch. In addition to this, process industries also need to keep a track of process parameters are different stages.

As an ERP tool, SAP Business One supports quality management. Here’s a look at the functionality of the SAP Business One quality management feature.

SAP Business One Quality Management – An Overview

Quality Management (QM) can be managed in SAP Business One (or SAP B1) by using our add-on solution, being used by several customers. This solution has been developed to cater different scenarios of quality assurance process as mentioned earlier. The building blocks of this solution include item master, characteristics & inspection plan. These three elements put together govern how an item is managed in the SAP system with respect to quality management.

SAP Business One quality management

Features of Our Quality Management Add-On

With the SAP B1 QM module, small manufacturers can perform effective document management using quality assurance. Through the SAP B1 quality management process flow, manufacturers can now:

  • Set quality standards.
  • Report exceptions with both real-time and historical data.
  • Track vital QM metrics like part quality, vendor performance, and batch quality.

Additionally, SAP B1 quality management add-ons enable them to:

1. Carry out QM activities during:

  • Incoming material receipt
  • In process
  • In house production
  • Process Parameters
  • Pre-dispatch

2. Work with master data like:

  • Shift master
  • Operation master
  • Characteristics master
  • Inspection plan

3. Perform quality inspection on:

  • Sample data
  • Results recording
  • Usage Decision


With an ERP solution like SAP Business One, small-time manufacturers can now optimize their quality management to their benefits. An experienced SAP B1 partner like Praxis Info Solutions can help in customizing the SAP B1 quality management functionality designed for your requirements. Want to know how? Contact us now.


What is the role of QM in SAP?2024-01-29T08:09:35+05:30

SAP Business One QM module enables manufacturers to maintain a consistent quality of products and customer services.

What is the dynamic modification rule in SAP QM?2024-01-29T08:10:10+05:30

The dynamic modification rule in SAP B1 QM is the master data that defines the various quality inspection stages and conditions leading to the changes in the inspection stage.

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